Posted by: turbotad | September 20, 2008

Students Completing Basics Everywhere!


The Scientology Basics

The Scientology Basics

Students on their Basics are experiencing life-changing wins and discovering that not only has their speed of study increased, but they are gaining full conceptual understanding of the materials. They are learning to know how to know.

For those who have completed the Basics, a whole new vista of life has opened up. Graduates are now listening to the next body of knowledge on the Materials Guide Chart—the LRH Congresses—and rapidly moving up the training and processing sides of The Bridge.

Thousands of success stories from around the world cross the desks of Success Officers every week from students who know what it means to have made the tech their own, as seen in the stories that follow.

Choose to Be Cause

“I am on my Basics and just completed up through The Route to Infinity Course. The knowledge that I have gained from my studies so far is beyond any expectations I had when I started out on this journey. I can be anything I want to be, and more importantly, those aspects of life that used to affect me do not affect me anymore. Dianetics made me see that the absolute goal of survival, the reward of a survival activity, is pleasure. Self Analysis made me realize that I am not just an “ordinary” person. I didn’t fully realize how efficient I am or what my potentials are and how much I can improve them until I studied this book. I know my capabilities and they are far greater than anything anyone ever led me to believe. I know how to spot people on the Tone Scale and predict their behavior and my affinity for people in general has increased. Each time I start the next course, I have some question, and as I go further into it I get that question, and more, answered. Several times since I’ve been on the Basics, I think to myself, “How did I ever get by without knowing this information?” In daily life I can spot situations more quickly and know what’s happening and how to handle it. Whenever I go in session now I know what to expect from the auditor, how and why the processes are run and it goes so much better than before. Handbook for Preclears made me understand an auditing session in full and what is expected of me as a preclear. Each course just builds on the other. To make the decision in life of “to be or not to be” is totally up to the individual. I definitely choose to be. I choose to be cause and not effect.” –J.L.

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