Posted by: turbotad | March 10, 2008

L. Ron Hubbard’s Birthday!


L. Ron Hubbard Biography

L. Ron Hubbard Biography



It’s just 3 days until L. Ron Hubbard‘s Birthday! 

Through a study of the Basics books and lectures, Scientologists the world over are achieving, for the first time ever, full conceptual understanding of the foundation of our religion. 

With the LRH Congresses, they are experiencing the milestones — breakthroughs of such major significance they form the next giant leap in building The Bridge.

And with the Beginning books in paperback and audiobook formats, LRH’s technology is now broadly available to the public at large. 

On the Bridge Publications Website, you’ll find a description of these materials and packages you can avail yourself of to speed your route to total knowledge. 

Never before has that route been so clearly mapped and wide open for anyone.


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